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Autumn in Courmayeur

During these uncertain times we feel very lucky to have one thing we can rely on: the beauty of nature all around us in Courmayeur. This time of year is one of reflection – of the Summer that has passed and the Winter to come and I wonder if it isn’t my absolute favourite time to be outside, kicking up the leaves as we did when we were children and exploring the valley on cool, crisp, sunny days.

On our journeys to and from the hotel each day, the mountains become more and more beautiful.  The tops of the mountains are dusted with snow like icing sugar and this crisp white layer creepsslowly down towards the deep oranges and reds of Autumn on the valley floor.Autumn is at its peak now in Courmayeur with the foliage of the trees a riot of colour against a backdrop of green and white.  The pretty Alpine town is enjoying the quieter pace of life  and in the Abbé J.M. Henry Park  the contrasts of green privet and Douglas fir against blackthorn, roses, hawthorn, viburnum and late blooming honeysuckle is fabulous.

On the mountains, at the foot of Mont Blanc, you can enjoy the hiking trails by foot or on mountain bike. The Val Ferret , always stunning above Courmayeur is looking absolutely fabulous right now.

Courmayeur tourist office is busy hosting weekends of free hikes and relaxation classes and we are taking part this year in a Europe-wide challenge to capture the essence of Autumn.  Take your best Autumnal photo and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #Autumnatitspeak. The best photos will be published on the site.You need to act fast though because snow is forecast this week, which could turn the area from a riot of colour to magical whites, greys and blues…For all of us, when we are thinking ahead everything seems very uncertain, but nature shows us that everything is constantly changing and unfolding as it should be. At the hotel, we are tending to the garden and scrupulously cleaning both inside and out. The renovations are still new, but we want to make sure that everything stays looking that way for you. As each bedroom is different, we are thinking of how we can enhance each suite for the next guests that will come to stay.This is always an enjoyable task for us as we can think of nothing better than the next time our family will be hosting new guests.

Locally, we are all conscious of the impending ski season and the uncertainty surrounding it. We hope that the new measures put in place by the government will allow us to open safely, but we are also mindful of the obvious – people have to travel to come skiing and right now, it is usually Italians that are booking with us as everyone is looking closer to home.We will know more for sure in November but with every new development we will keep you updated. Our blogs will allow you to see what life is like locally and we will also update you with the latest news on restrictions so that you can be as informed as possible when thinking about staying in Courmayeur.

If you want to ask us anything please get in touch, we are always happy to help.

Winter is Coming

Life in Courmayeuris unusually quiet - we are looking forward to Christmas, but a Christmas likeno other…For the first time in 50 years our hotel will not be open.

We have seen the first snow and winter is around the corner but Courmayeur,like all the other Italian and French ski resorts won’t be opening its skilifts at the beginning of the season.  Insteadof welcoming you in December we will wait until the 7th January,when once again we welcome you with open arms…

Current Covid-19 Restrictions

In Italy we have a 3-tierapproach to curbing the coronavirus and today in Courmayeur all our festive barsand most shops, restaurants and businesses including hairdressers andbeauticians remain closed and during the Christmas holidays will have to shut at6pm.

We are not allowed to socialise, (which goes against the fabric ofItalian life!) and masks must be worn everywhere, except at home. 

Most of our children are enjoying school, (olderschool pupils have switched to remote learning), so during the day it’s greatto hear the chatter and laughter of children on their way to school but atnight there is a national curfew so the town outside our hotel is eerilyquiet. 


We are not able to travel around Italy over the Christmas period so weare not sure what Christmas will look like for many of our friends withfamilies in different areas.  Travellers from abroad are able to enter Italy.  When you arriveyou need a self-declarationform and must show evidence that you testednegative for COVID within the 72 hours before your travel or you will be testedon arrival and could be quarantined for up to 3 weeks.  A smallnumber of countries require self-isolation for 14 daysafter arrival.

The Good News

The mountain air is crisp and clear and the temperatures have dropped –winter is coming.  We are enjoying thesunshine when we can, close to home and never cease to be amazed by thesplendour of the mountains around us.  Wherever you live, I know that it is safe to say we have all beenthrough so much this year and our corner of the world is no different. 

We can’t wait to bring you news that onceagain we are living without restrictions and look forward so much to the NewYear when we will again open our doors.

Until then, please contact us if youhave any queries and of course, we will keep you updated with news of ourbeautiful village as well as updates on the coronavirus restrictions and do ourbest to bring Courmayeur to you.

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