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Ski Season 20201

2021 in Courmayeur

Wow.  Here we are in2021.  And we are all still waiting: tobe able to visit people, to travel or even be well again. Patience is key, butour patience is being tested like never before. We are holding firm in thebelief that our real blessings often show up as pain, loss or disappointmentand it is only with patience we get through the other side to the blessingsthey become.

Hotel Crampon Opening

In Italy the new date we are waiting patiently for is January 16th, On this day our government will once again update us on the measures we need in place regarding the Coronavirus. We were hoping to be open last week, but are now waiting to open our doors on the 21st January.One thing we have learned is not to take anything for granted, so whilst we wait for our country’s new date, we are busy. Busy making alternative plans if we cannot open in January, busy contacting all our guests to keep them up- to-date and busy improving the hotel. We might not know when you will be with us but we cannot wait to see you and we will be prepared…

Covid-19 Restrictions

Meanwhile, our country is taking the epidemic very seriously, Parliament is set to debate the new measures on Tuesday, and the decree will be ready by the end of the week. One measure being considered is the addition of a ‘white zone’ to Italy’s tiered system of restrictions, where, virus permitting, a slow return to normality can begin

Courmayeur Today

Locally in Courmayeur boy do we have snow! It’s crazy outside and very cold indeed. We continue to abide by the Covid 19 rules in Italy so we can’t travelfar but we wouldn’t want to anyway as it’s a winter wonderland on our doorstep!  We can’t use the ski lifts, so our famous challengingoff piste, is virtually untouched, but the beauty all around continues to warmour hearts.

Patience is Key

We know you would rather be here than hear about it, but please know we are here, along with Courmayeurs superb restaurants and lively nightlife - patiently waiting for your return. Rest assured, our patience WILL win, we will get through this and I’m pretty sure none of us will ever take our simple pleasures for granted again.Fingers crossed for the 16th – we will keep you posted.With LoveHotel Crampon

Strada La Villette, 8 - Courmayeur (AO)
Valle d’Aosta - Italia - PI : 00048040075
T. +39 0165 84 23 85 - M.

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